lost 99yz400 into a wr/yz 400

oh the headache i have a 99yz 400 wanted lights so i bought a 99wr400 stator rotor wireing harnes and regulator cool plug and play right! well the problem i have is this everything conected great except for 1 thing the yz cdi box has 1 wire comming out black with white stripe the harnes is a 2 pin plug b/w wire and a gray wire i've tried everything except a new cdi box. when kicking it over with the light switch on the light's flicker but no spark :ride: i have asked every body in yamaha in redding to reno and i get the same reply "don't know" any help would be gratefull :applause:

I wonder if you had both wiring diagrams to look at if it would be of any help. I have a 98 WR400, If you want the wiring diagram I can send it your way.

yes i did have both 99 wr and yz diagrams

i have the same problem fitting the wr loom and stator to my yz!!!!Checked out both yz and wr coils and both are in working order. Only thing i found upto now is the soucre coil 2 on wr is between pink and green and on the yz its black and pink???

just discovered the black wire from the cdi has no 'mating' wire in the wr loom

all the gray wire does is ground to the coil i know i got pissed and cut the lume

but i can tell you this after cutting the loom and looking inside it's all the same as a yz! if you follow the wires the only thing i did was seperate the yellow and cut 3 grounds-tail-head-voltage from the wr harness put a big O wire conector and grounded to the top of the engine mount the 3 bolts pluged the yz back in no spark BUT the lights still twitched when kicked i think the shop has miss align the pick up on the wr rotor :applause: right now it's back in the shop and i had them test the mag-rotor i know the red and whit are the pick up for the spark both harnesess have the same colors comming out of the mag!unless the mag is wired diff they should in theory? that's what i'm trying to find out

just done the same with my harness split it and added it to the yz one, keep me posted please, think i might just bin the stator and fit electex stator, thought this (wr) was the best way to go re lights!"!!

if your using the wr stator I think you also have to use the wr flywheel, but I'm not 100% sure I've got the complete wr electrical system for my yz(flywheel,stator,wiring harness,cdi,coil,handle bar switch,headlight,tail light) that my buddy gave me but I have yet to install it all,hopefully I don't have to many problems.

using the full system except the cdi, that may be the problem.

no more news on this yet???

Come on people surely someone else has come across this problem??

Yep you beat me to it. The YZ and WR use a diff CDI and the stators are not compatable in stock form. YOU have to mod the WR stator to work with the YZ cdi using that link above.

I have the WR 426 stator on my YZ400. Electrex modded it for me before they sent it out to me. That and a voltage regulator is all I needed. I didn't use the WR harness.

The WR400 stator puts out like 75 watts were the WR426 stator puts out 130 watts. More is better.

cheers guys, i got the 426 on my yz400, just need to take it all off and do the mod!!!:applause:

got a few minor details to clear up and then i can register it for road use over here in the good old uk just in time for winter!!!!!!!!!

I'm wanting to do the opposite thing with my '98 WR400. I'm trying to put the smaller flywheel on my WR, but to do so, I need the a YZ flywheel, stator, CDI and wiring harness. I'm having a hard time coming up with all of these components, though. Nightmare1, if you want to trade complete lighting systems, i'd be interested. It would make it easier on both of us, i think. Let me know if anyone's interested. Thanks, Marshal

hi there, i don't have an answer for you but i can tell you that i have a 99 yz400f and i have an electrex lighting coil and 99Wr400 flywheel and it works fine lights are bright.......however my friend did the wiring so i can't really help with that........

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