Rolling bike stand recommendations?

I need a rolling bike stand (on casters), OR a rolling tray type thing to put my current bike stand on. Please give me your recommendations! I have a new baby on the way so you get extra credit for price concious recommendations. :applause:

I once used furniture dollies, which work well and can be had at a local hardware store for about $20.

Cycra makes a dedicated stand with wheels for about $80.

What I use now are Shop Fox dollies, designed for machine shops. They hold a lot more weight and can accommodate just about any bike stand on the market. They also lock in place if you need them to, and don't really cost much money. You can get them from Grizzly Industrial.

There was a company that made dirt bike stand dollies out of aluminum, but they bent over time which kept them from rolling. I can't remember the name of the company.

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