'86 Xr600 Daul Carb Fit Into An '87 Xl600r.

Same Motor, Similar Year, Same Dual Carb Setup. What Do You Guys And Gal's Think? What Should I Expect, Aside From The $! Any Advantages Or Disadvantages From The Stock. My Stock Carb In My Xl600 Is Shot And There's A An Xr600 Carb On Ebay Ending In 2 Days. Thanks In Advance.


After I told my dirt bike riding 928 Porsche owner cronies about the 86

XR600R I just purchased, the first question they had was if it had twin

carbs. To them, there was no advantage and at least a couple of

disadvantages. I think they mentioned keeping carbs equally adjusted

and hard starting. Personally, I don't know but that's what assailed me

when I brought up the subject.


Bob East

So Does The '96 Honda Xr 600r Carb Fit The Honda Xl600 Motor Dual Carb Setup? I'm Sure Somebody Has Done This Somewhere. I Sure Hate To Buy One And Find Out It Is Not Compatible. Thanks!

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