Can i powder coat my frame? CA Street Lega?

I have an 05 YZ450F.. I want to ride this on the street next summer! This is a red sticker bike in california! That means you can't convert it to street legal easily?

What about powder coating my frame covering up the VIN # and then getting it registered like a custom bike?

CHOPPER 450??? :applause:

Except it isn't a chopper and they might think hidden VIN means stolen bike...

Depends where you live but I know of a shop in san jose that does street legal conversion. I think they know a way around the law or something, ill look for the website name for you. I have seen them convert some crf450 before.

My frame was just powder coated, they were able to keep VIN readable. What are they quoting you? Mine cost $150 for a silver vien powder.

To the best of my knowledge, the California Air Resource Board and the AMA agreed to a fixed number of dirt bike conversions to a street configuration and plate.

The argument for this conversion was for riders that were forced to ride a paved road (non-OHV) as part of a complete trail system. Mostly Northern California.

And I think I read somewhere that the number of legal conversions had already been met. Right around 20,000. Additionally, the limit was only applicable for one more year, which may have been 05. In other words, no more for 06.

However, anyone can build a custom bike or vehicle and receive a new VIN number via the CHP. It requires a set of forms from the DMV, and a legitimate amount of validation as to where the original motor and/or frame came from.

I was never able to find anything that says that it is illegal to remove a VIN number, but there is one condition - you can't do so if it involves any type of criminal intent. So, there is obviously a balancing act between the CARB/AMA ruling and the amount of customization you do with the bike, as recognized by the CHP.

Lastly, you can legally convert any red sticker bike to a green sticker bike, (if you know what you're doing) which could possibly allow you to re-convert this to a street bike. However, the cost and paper work to do so is more than any of us would want to bear.

Oh...BTW, the powder coating experts, used by most of the factory teams, is Olympic Powder Coating at 714-979-2720.

off road only 2270 conoas garden av. san jose ca, 408 979 9796 i know they do that sort of thing..... i have been in the store and seen the flier.

yes that is the place.but i thought they had a website

give Papy a call at BK Perf.. he does lots of quads at



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