WR 400 specs.....INPUT PLEASE

I figure most of this is common knowledge for you WR vets, but since im new to this series.....could anybody PLEASE steer me to tech / test comparisons between the 98 / 99 / 00 models ???

I need to know what changes they made as the model progressed.....and just as important....did the changes make a real seat of the pants improvement.

Thanks in advance TIZZER

PS I tried using the search feature .....found little worthwhile info . :applause:

When you say "seat of your pants" I'm guessing your talking about the actual power of the bike. I can honestly say that as far as the powerplant goes there wasn't a whole lot of differences between the three years. They all came with the same exhaust system and all shared the same tanks and seats. The 98 had a different swingarm pivot placement than the rest. Also the earlier models had smaller radiators that were black. I'm sure there are more differences that what I mentioned but they're few and far between. Even in 01 when the WR became a 426 the changes were minimal. 03 was by far the biggest change for the WR lineup when we saw electric starting and the auto decompression upgrade (and some bugs)..

good luck..


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