Ignition Key ?

I'm somewhat concerned about the fact that someone can just hop on my bike, start her up(heh heh) and ride off :)!

Obviously a lock of some sort is the real answer but I was wondering if anyone fitted some kind of key/ignition switch to their bike for additional security? If so how ?


The Missile

'99 WR400F

i put a key switch in my ignition off the lead that goes into the coil from the stator

I had a gas gas speedo/keyswitch mounted for a while.

its been a while though so take a good look.

I live in cleveland (the big city) and I don't think many people here even know how to start one of these things.

p.s. I carry a cable lock now when I know that I have to leave the bike.

even with a key switch they can just push it into a waiting truck or pick it upand throw it in

I am over confident no one has the cahonas or the legs to mount my 400 much less start it :) . But the bike actualy comes with an anit theft ingnitin device. You just have to know how to use it right. Its called the CDI box and its located on the left side of the head tube with a rubber strap. You just disconnect the connectors after routing them to a more convientnet location, and remove the rubber strap and put the little black box in your pocket. Its a bit bigger than a key, but it can not be bypassed in the field either :D .

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