00' vs. 01' YZ426

Hey guys,

I am looking at getting a new bike, I just sold my 03' YZ250F as it was lacking in the power department for me. I have switched to mainly riding in the desert instead of the track, and the 250F wasnt doing it in the desert/dunes.

Im looking at a 00 426 and a 01 426.

01 is the year they went to titanium valves right? What else changed?

They are both the same price. What would you go with? Was the weight reduced in 01 as well? if so how much?

The 00' has renthal bars, asv clutch and front break levers, ac racing sub-frame, skin graphics kit, back tire with one ride (intermediate terrain). Spare front 70% wear, 8 paddle tire with 2 trips, removable spark arrestor.

and the 01' has new graphics, and a desert tank



I would buy the newer bike.

Tough call.

-The 00' has SS valves vs. Ti for the 01'

-The 00' has the infamous key stock to turn the CB gear as where the 01' has a splined crank. I've never had a problem on my 00', but others have.

-Weight is probably the same. Both are pigs.

Which bike was less abused? That's the one I'd go for.

Dont shy away from the 00'. Mine has been a fantastic desert bike and I honestly wouldn't get rid of it no matter what. I may add others to the stable, but that damn YZ will forever be my desert steed.

In addition to the above, 01' has the smoother clutch and some tuning revisions (carb).

Which bike was less abused? That's the one I'd go for.


I also think 01 was the first year for the Nissin brakes but i am not 100% sure

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