I have a KTM 125SX, and im looking to get a four stroke. A guy wants to trade his 2000 yz426 for my 125. Its not the power i'm worried about, i know i can work up to the 426 power, but im just wondering if i would be loosing anything. Is there some pro's and con's about the 2000 426? Do you think i would have any troubles with it? As far as breaking down and stuff like that?

The worst thing about the 426 is probably the weight. Its quite a bit heavier than the new 450s and definitely a lot heavier than the 125 2 stroke. Its got a bulletproof engine though. I remember hearing something about the clutches or something on the 2000 models. There will be more parts to maintain on it considering its a 4 stroke and you are riding a 2 stroke. I have a 2002 and I love it though. The only complaint i have is the weight but i have gotten used to it by now.

It kind of depends on how well you adjust. It's going to be and feel a lot heavier than your 125. I cam from a CR125 to my '02 426 and I was in love. The power is great, and I've got enough muscle to handle the weight. I guess it depends on how much you weigh. I adjusted instantly and was jumping within 15 minutes of going on the track for the first time on it. I love it, but I can only speak for myself. I thought you would like to hear my opinion as we've made a similar switch.

Oh yeah.....the power more than makes up for the wieght, just so you know. And it still handles corners and woods great if you have the suspension set up correctly for yourself.

The 426's are great bikes as long as they have been properly maintained

I have a 2000 426 and its been a great bike. I havent had to shim the valves yet but on my last check it had 2 that were close to out of spec. Its been a bulletproof bike and like others have said as long has they have been maintained their great bikes. The 00 has a clutch issue with it that can be fixed easily enough, and some are prone to the woodruff key on the crank coming loose. Mine hasnt yet but other people have had problems with it.

I also have a 2000 426 and love it. Mine does have the clutch issues that are mentioned. I'll address this over the winter. I did the cam mod to make starting easier but it wasn't hard for me to start anyway. It was only when a friend or bro. in law would ride it that the "starting drill" was an issue. I honestly thought after riding it for almost a year that it really isnt that much heavier than a 250 or even a 125. Then I rode the nephews rm125 and thought... wow these 426's are pigs! The power difference between the two (and my weight of 205) makes my decision very easy.

It amazes me just how cheap you can get into a 2000 yz426. I tried to sell mine earlier in the summer to dump money into another project and got absolutely no interest at $1800. Not an email, a phone call, nothing. So take that into consideration before you trade a potentially more valuable bike for one.

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