Tight trails on a 450.

I've got a '04 450 and find my self on the clutch constantly in tight trails. Which sprocket combo do you guys recommend? The trails I ride are tight, steep and hilly with loose rock.

ive got a 04 yzf also . i run a 47[48 is stock] tooth and a 14 [stock] on the front . i do moto and trailwork as well .tight stuff to here in the east so i tried a 49 and didnt like it . i still got the sprocket its a moose stainless steel . shoulda got a cheap steel 1 to try 1st. just give yourself a little more time . i really like the 47 though

If he's having problems with tight trails with a 48 rear, a 47 is just going to make it worse. He needs to go larger on the rear, or smaller up front. I would go larger on the rear since dropping down to a 13 up front causes the chain to make a tighter turn, and theres less bearing surface pulling the chain (less teeth, less surface).

I'm not sure, but if you mainly ride tight trails, maybe a 51 rear might be the ticket. I haven't tried it on my 2004 Yz450f, I've just gotten used to using the clutch since I don't want to regear-it and lose my upper speeds. I ride both tracks and trails, so I've kept the stock gearing.

I ride a 426 and i like the 14t front and 50t rear sprocket for trail riding but, i'm kind of lazy and usually end up running my 48t track sprocket.

if you go with a 51 , 1st gear will be useless . 1 tooth makes a big diff on the 4 speeds. try a 49 first and see what u think . like flintlock said if all u are riding are tight stuff you may like it . but if you do any wide open riding at all youll miss those xtra teeth!

i personally run a 14 tooth front (stock) and a 49 tooth rear (1 tooth higher)(04yz450f) i run all kinds of trails. i have tried different combinations and have found this to be the best with the 4 speed. i also have a steahly 10oz flywheel weight. i have found the bike to be very sensitive to gearing changes. easy to lose your top speed. with this setup i am able to go as slow as 7 miles per hr without stalling and still hit 70 plus according to my trailtech computer. hope this helps :applause:

I tryed all that if you want that perfect gearing put a wr trany in it :applause:

I ran 14-50 on mine, but still had to be careful on tight trails not to stall it. When I went motocrossing, I simply put a 15 front sprocket on it with the 50 rear. I would not put a Rekluse on my bike, have tried one, I just feel a bike has to have a clutch and you gotta learn to master it, otherwise you can just buy a scooter. This is JMO so don't you Rekluse guys take a problem of it, everybody runs their bike as they want, me included. Gotta admit though, when I hear about the left hand rear brake conversion, I say to myself &%$#@!.

my 05 is tuned for as much bottom as i can get,and then added a +6 fw,rekluse,and 13/52 gearing. now my top speed probly 65-70 mph near as i can tell,but for the trails this setup is about as optimum as it gets. i don't ride anywhere that i've needed to go any faster than that :applause:

I dropped a tooth on my front sprocket to get a lower first gear. I'm still wanting it lower in some areas as the trails are tight, rocky and tree lined as well as going up and downhill.

I've learned to master the clutch a bit better and go faster but I'm still screwed up in some places. A 4 speed MX gearbox isn't the hot ticket for tight trails.

i sure do spend alot of time waiting for the 5 and 6 spds to catch up,even on the tightest of trails. its all in the setup :applause:

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