230 Chain Tightening

My drive chain is getting lose and i dont really understand how that snail thing works. The grooves on the left snail thing, as your driving view, are touching the metal pin while the one on the right isnt touching the pin, is this ok and do you know how to tighten the chain?

Thanks :ride::p:applause:

Yikes ... that is bad! Stop riding ... place your bike on a stand where you can have the back tire spin freely (if possible) ... then, loosen the axle nut ... in this case, move your right side dial to the same number as the left side dial ... check your chain tension ... if not correct, then turn each dial up or down depending on if you have too much or too little tension. Then, tighten up you axle nut. Make sure that the dials are seated with the pins before you tighten your axle nut.

Let us know.

TOG :applause:

Yikes is right!

The grooves on the snail adjusters are supposed to be touching the pins.

The snail adjuster is just a cam washer that pushes the whole axle & wheel back when it is turned toward the thicker part. They also help keep the wheel from shifting so that you don't have to over tighten the axle nut.

The groves are on there so that you can count them and keep the wheel tracking straight in the swing arm.

The way I adjust my chain is to set my adjustment with about 1/2 to 1" of slack while I'm sitting on the bike to compress the suspension.

I put the bike back on the stand spin the rear wheel and lock the rear brake.

With the brake still locked I tighten the axle nut.

I know, it sounds like you need 3 hands, and it is best if you have someone around to help you.

Before I try it out I get back on the bike and roll it forward while checking the slack in several places along the line.

One of the worst thing you can do is overtighten your chain. It will cause it to stretch and wear it and your sprockets out much sooner. Worse yet, it will put undue pressure on your output shaft bearing that could result in transmission damage. Good luck. :applause:

yea you definately dont wanna be riding with that

put your bike on a stand

loosen the axel nut, loosed the axel bolt...push the snail adjusters maybe one or two number forward till you get the right amount of play which i believe is 1/2 in to 3/4 in free play and then tighten everything back up and make sure both snail adjusters are on the same number..then your good to go!

Mine are like that to.It seems like I tighten the left side and then the right side snail is loose.So I forced the snails on to the same number.

Mine is screwed, the right side has to be a higher number than the left in order for the wheel to be straight.

ok thanks guys, i knew my local dealer was bad at jetting but putting bikes together, come on. :p o well maybe i should just get a lighter sprocket and slap in on there while im at it. still is way gay though :ride::applause:

OK wait up, i just went into the garage and the right snail is actually at about 11 while the left one is below 5, its reverse of what i said earlier, but this still presents a problem doesnt it! :applause: anyways, so when you get it up on a stand just push the "knob" and it will move fine? thanks

I would move the tire toward the front (with the axle loose) until there is slack in the chain ... then pull it back to where it can engage both pins and the same number ... then move the dial to the next number on both sides ... check the slack and then repeat if necessary.

TOG :applause:

ok, but also do you guys know where to get good prices on 520 chains????

ok, but also do you guys know where to get good prices on 520 chains????

:applause: The TT store :ride:

ok, but also do you guys know where to get good prices on 520 chains????

Why do you need to change your chain? Is this not new bike?

i dunno, why do you get graphics, anyone know how many links? sorry i keep forgeting crap.

If this is a new bike with a new chain ... then keep the chain until it needs to be changed ... use your money for other mods. If you want to change the look of your bike then search the forums for graphics and plastics. Just order a standard 520 chain and you will have plenty of links ... don't cut to order until you decide the exact sprocket ratios that you will use.

My recommendation is to look closely at the sticky for easy to do mods ... then ride!

Have fun!

TOG :applause:

Thanks, so I should go with 120 links? Yeah I was thinking of getting a non o-ring just because less friction, but if you guys can think of any other mods for like under 80 bucks, i dont want a rev box, so far im getting, BBR exhaust, Uni filter, powerup jets, and a moose aluminum sprocket.thanks

Well ... before I purchased another sprocket for my brand new bike I would get a good set of Renthal bars ... some better grips ... and if I was riding trail some bark busters.

I just can't see spending money to change your perfectly good O-ring chain ... especially if you are going to ride it in the mud!

Also, not exactly sure what kind of riding gear you have now ... but, 80 bucks can get you some cool stuff.

Have fun!

TOG :applause:

I agree with you.

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