426 valve clearance measuring

Alright I think I got it, but wanna double check:

To measure my valve clearances I turned engine over until I got my cams in position (Lobes facing opposite- punch marks right at case- "E" facing towards front of bike on both cams) this was just like what I got from motoman posts...But no "I" timing mark in sight plug- just number from what looks like a serial number...

Manual says it should be there...When i get it in the sight plug, the cam marks line up-"E" upside down and both facing the rear of bike, punch marks right at top of case- EXCEPT lobes are facing each other

Which is right...I am about to do my cam mod....

man you rly confused me with that 1. all i know is that

exhaust Itake

E--------I E--------I

the "E"'s point twards the exhaust and the "I" point twards the intake and both cam lobes facing opposite of each other

would it make a difference if the cam tensioner is still atached??

Anyway after reading a search of more posts on tis I think I can clear up my question....When the cams are in the proper postition for checking clearance, the sight hole on case does not show TDC ( no "I ). Is this okay for checking clearances? and should I set both cams at TDC when I put my 450 mod cam in?

Sorry for confusion and thanks for any info....

when the tensioner is attached make shure all the slack goes to the right of the intake cam so the cams dont spin when you throw the tensioner to it. yeah set both cams to tdc when installing them.

thanks alot

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