yz426 preventative measures

i bought a yz426 the other day to convert to supermoto over the winter and here is what i've done so far...i've never owned a 4 stroke dirt bike before, it's my first one..but i thought it'd be superior to a two stroke on the asphalt

so, i got the bike running..needed a thorough carb cleaning....are the motors in these bikes generally pretty loud/??? seems to run fine?? don't they usually act like human flyswatters???...lol..it's still got the dirt gearing on it..lol...does anyone happen to know where a manual online for them is or the valve clearances?? I was going to go ahead and check them just in case?? any other preventative measures i should take?? i changed the oil and filter and cleaned the carb, the air filter looked like it had just been cleaned....replaced the fluid in the front brake until it ran clear..etc???


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