brake question?

Does anyone know the size of the union bolt or banjo bolt on the back master for a 04 yz450.I hope its 10 or 12mm. :applause: thanks mose

The threads are 10mm

Isn't it a 12mm?

OK thats good.The reason I wanted to know is that I just got my rekluse in and decided that I wanted to try a left hand brake.I was thinking that I could use a clutch master I already have and run the hose to my back master and use a double hole banjo bolt and stack my hoses.Has anyone ever thought of this and is it possible?

Why? I dont get it. You are going to have the front and rear brakes on the same lever? Sounds like disaster.

Left hand back brake.I no longer have a clutch lever.Rekluse has a kit that you can do the same thing for around $300.Just think going over a jump and pulling your left index finger to get the nose down.Sounds good to me.

If it's a magura clutch, i dont think its a good idea as the fluid it has to use will not stand up to heat and iirc you cant use dot4 fluid in it....

if it's a street bike or other hydraulic clutch mc then yeah, it's possible to do I think - just need a really long brake line.

Im gonna give it shot.What the heck right?Just have to find that hose.

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