!st ride after convertion

I finished doing the 03 convertion on my 02 426 what can I say WOAAA, the bike feels completly different and it may be a pshyc thing but also lighter in the turns well here's some pics



i just order all the stuff to do the same to my 00. I'm realy happy to see that you can feel a difference in handling. I want to ride it on the ice in 2 to 3 week. Hope i will have receive all the parts in time.

Rocking pictures! Is That Croom?

Yes that's Croom first time ther had a blast

Been there?

I have the templates for the brackets you will need to fabricate I'll try to scan them and post it here

Yes many times. love that place. :applause:

used to live 45 mins away.

Lookin good jocolo! :applause:

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