Miles Before Rebuild on 650r

What kind of miles are you guys getting on your 650r before having to do a top end and valve job.

I know of one rider that got 20,000 miles on his XR650R and the engine was never opened up. He raced his and used it for everything else.

My first XR650R I traded in on a new one just cause it was 3 1/2 years old with 5000 hard wood and tight single track miles on it. The plastic was beat looking and I wanted a new bike. The Honda shop I traded it to was the one I purchased it from. They checked the engine before giving me a trade in value. The engine compression was exactly what a new bikes was supposed to read. I traded it on a new shiny XR650R which now has 2000 miles on it with no problems what so ever. Who knows I may trade it in on a 07 model in a couple of years just so I can have a shiny new bike again.

As far as I can tell they are bullet proof just like the entire XR line was. Did you know it is the only race bike Honda sells that Honda will back with up to 4 1/2 year warrantee? That has to tell you something.

I'm just curious mine has 12K on it now and still runs fine. A few guys have told me that a change is due around 10K but I'm wondering do you just let it go till it runs bad or get it done before things take a dump.

I haven't a clue how many miles I have on mine, but it is alot. And the bike is running perfect. This bike is really bulletproof as long as you take care of change oil, adjust valves, jet it right.

I'd say you should be able to get at least 15000 miles out of one before having to rebuild and that would be if ridden hard.

A friend of mine rode almost half a race with his 650 which blew a water water!! after the race he just replaced the hose and it is still perfect after almost a year!

these damn bikes ARE missile proof. :applause:

how many miles are you guys going inbetween oil changes?

On my 2000 650R I had 22000 miles and it still ran perfect. Used no oil. Changed at 12 to 15 hundred miles.Bike would go much further if the airbox was not such a POS. mung

Every 300 miles and every other time for the filter.

I change the oil every 200-300 miles and clean the ss filter every time.

Does anyone have an hour meter installed on an XR 650L/R? I am really curious to see how many miles/hours one of these would last when bought new and maintained by the book.

I change my oil about every 500 to 700 miles. I don't think you even have to change it that often, oh well it's cheap.

I log all my rides; where, with whom and milege, when I adj the valves and change the sprockets, chain and tires.So I'm going to find out how far it'll go.

on my 2003 i raced 20 d37 races with it and went to do a top end in december 04. once opened up the head looked slightly scored but it wasn't in dire need. i replaced it anyway.

i raced another 20 races on it this year and have another 40 practice days on it. the engine is starting to show its age and i'm planning on doing a tear down in december to see where things stand. the bike overall is just starting to feel a little hogged out.

oil changes: i change the oil after every race and i try to change it every couple of rides.

i've mentioned it here before but i raced an hour long off road race with enough oil to fill the bottom rim of one of those cups they give you at the dentist to rinse.

it was a dumb mistake on my part, basically getting in a hurry the night before and forgetting to put the oil back in.

the night after my race i happened to decide to service the bike again before racing it the next day. i discovered my mistake and said "oh well let's see what damage i did" and preped the bike to race again the next day.

i raced the next day and i raced the remainder of the fall of 2004 with no problems.

just another bulletproof xr 650 story...

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