06 450f on the trails

Any of you that have a new 450 care to give me a report on how it works on the trail. I do hare scrambles and enduros here in the SE on a 250f but have a 450 on order. I'm getting kinda nervous and need a bit of reassurance. Does the beast work on the trail? I want to qualify for the ISDE. Is this the bike?

if you are the rider, the bike will take you there :applause:

If you soften up the suspension on the yzf you should be fine. Why not the WR? too heavy with electric start?

You will love the bike it will always bring you home.


I tried a 03 wr250. I thought it was a pretty good bike until I did a tag team hare scrambles with my son who was riding my old 01 yz250f. After a couple of laps I had a minor problem with my bike so we just switched off with the yz. After the race I sold the wr. It's all the little things. Weight, suspension etc. As far as the electric start...with auto decomp who really needs it?

if you are the rider, the bike will take you there :applause:

Well that is the thing. I want to mark the isde off my list and at 47 time is running out. I got second overall at a hare scrambles yeaterday on my o1 250f. I guess I am wondering if I should stick with it. There is such a thing as to much of a good thing.

If you still enjoy it, why wouldn't you stick with it? I hope I'm still riding in my 60's. The old "to much of a good thing" adage, only counts with turkey dinner & sex with the neibors wife.

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