Weird clutch thing dont really know how to describe it

When I was loading my bike to take it in last wednesday, I was loading it the way I have always loaded my bikes, but this time it was weird. I had the clutch let out enough so that it was catching, so that with some revs it could pull itself up into the truck. Well I kept the throttle and the clutch constant than the bike surges forward stalls and I almost drop the bike on myself. Not a very fun experiance seeing as my truck is really high up. What is the problem? Should I repack the clutch plates or is this just a problem that the '03 YZ450Fs had? Thx for the help.

On the 03's you need to do a clutch update. All this is, is the furthest INNER fiber clutch plate needs to be 1/2 the size (width wise) as the other clutch plates. I believe the 2004 450 clutch comes with the correct inner fiber plate. Go to your local Yam. dealer and ask them to see the microphice and you'll see the furthest inner fiber plate needs to sit down in over the metal ring on your clutch basket, pull your clutch out and if the most inner plate is not different then all the other fibers then this is your problem. My 03 did the same thing and yamaha replaced the clutches on mine as it would jerk and squill and again it was the inner most fiber plate. Let me know if you understand the above and what you come up with.

Just talked to the dealer I get everything through and heres the deal. The 03 YZF needs a clutch update. The update consist of a clutch boss spring and different inner plate as I described and 4mm being taken off of the clutch arm. Any Yamaha dealer can call Yamaha directly and they will fax them the update and parts needed. It's easy to do and makes a huge differance.

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