New 04 WR450 ?'s

Why? Could you explain.

There is a rubber plug on the front, top RHS of the engine, where a decompressor lever used to be on earlier models. It has been known for this rubber bung to 'blow out' and spew oil everywhere. You can replace it with aftermarket plugs, or you can take the cheap arse option like I did. :thumbsup: I just used a small piece of aluminium angle and used the existing bolt to hold it in place. See the pic in the link below and it should make it a bit clearer for you.

cheap arse bung fix


Ah, now I am informed. I like your method best. Real inginuity.

Just spend the $20 on a nice machined plug from the TT store and you'll never have to worry about it. It duplicates the original factory part from the '01/'02 models but does not have the cable attachment or actuator. It fits like it belongs there.

Eventually, the stock plug WILL (not might, will) fall out. If you're lucky you'll notice it before all of the oil is blown out.

If you're not lucky, the oil blowing on the header will burn, or you'll seize your engine.

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