Advice please

Guys I'm planning on buying a 01 wr426 which has had a recent full motor rebuild,and its got about 4hrs running time on it. What id like to know is do you think it would be OK running it on fully synth oil or should wait for a bit longer.I dont want turn this into a my oils better than yours thread cause thats been killed a thousand already.

The second thing is Ive heard that wr oil filters are interchangeable is best to use the paper ones or use the brass oil filters from the earlier models.

I'm buying this bike to replace my 03 wr400 which was stolen about six weeks ago :applause:

Any usefull comments would really be helpfull.

I would personally run the motor in on a good mineral oil for the next 2-3 oil changes and then switch to the synthetic grade - It would be best to dump the oil after 5-6 Hours of riding , while running in the motor - This will ensure that any crap that's floating in the motor doesn't stay around much - Therefore makes sense to use the resuable wire filters from Yamaha - It's pretty scary what comes out of a newly rebuilt engine after the first 1 or 2 oil dumps - this is my rule of thumb for running motors in and haven't had any problems before . :applause:

Theres no rule saying you have to have a synthetic. I use dino Rotella, I change it every 2 rides and clean the brass filter. Its more important that you keep fresh oil in the bike, rather than, what kind of oil your using.

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