Help with trans

Hey guys. I went riding over the weekend and had some trouble up shifting and down sifting. I really had to apply some effort. Neutral?? Forget about it!! I have to mention that the morning started about 45 degrees. Could that be it? I think I remember reading about some wr's having probs like this. Any advise? Thanks in advance...rushfan

Hello?? Anyone? Indy? Black and Blue? Mountainman? :applause:

oil weight may be too heavy for the cold weather. making your clutch plates sticky, making your gears sticky, making it hard to shift. Use a more appropriate oil weight for the temp.

It's still the factory oil. Should I have lighter in the winter and heavier in the summer?

oil doesnt affect that much and even if it did, when engine warms up, problems would disappear

check outer first, like bent lever, tight chain, clogged shifting space

if OK, move inside...bent axle, damaged shift fork

Don't forget about a worn clutch basket. If the clutch is not completely dis-engaging then it will definately be harder to shift and near impossible to find neutral sometimes. Hope this helps.


your clutch cable might be out of adjustment,also inspecting the clutch basket is easy,just pop off the clutch cover and see if the ears of the basket are still good. being in cali it shouldn't be the cold,i run 30 wt in mine yr round. if thats all good i'd say look into some of the other afore mentioned probs,i've seen a couple people on hear complain about the shifting forks on the wr :applause:

Thanks NC. I was hoping that you would reply. I will do that this weekend and get back to you. Thanks again. :applause:

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