Just ran my new 444

Had my '00 wr400 rebuilt into a 444.

The only real wear was in the small end. So I upgraded to a 426 rod and went to a 97mm bore. Auto-D cam too. Remote hot start.

Anyway finished buttoning it up y'day.

Kicked it a dozen times....no start...huh maybe I flooded it.

Pull my new hot start button to clean it out...give it a kick.....WHOOO it starts! Let go of the hot start and it stalls. Pull hot start kick again and it STARTS????? Jetting must be real messed up.....

I finally figure it out. I put the hot start plunger in the CHOKE. Now I have a remote choke. Anyway let if warm for a few minutes and ride off. It runs clean no smoke at all. slowly roll on throttle and it pulls hard and smooth. As it warms up it starts to miss a little. at mid throttle. The the tank is 4 months old and the stuff I emptied from the carb bowl was just this shy of varnish so I figure I'll replace with new gas and see what happens.

The other issue I have is my baja designs light system is not working. No lights at all. Can anyone steer me as to where to look for the trouble?

Also, the only part I seem to be missing is the return spring for the brake pedal. Anyone got a spare lying around?


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