xr600r stops

my xr600r quits running when I am goind from 3/4 too full when I pass at 65 or 70 on freeway.sometimes it dies when I slow down too stop. Have 200 watt stator as well as dual sport set up running light blows ou as well as one of taillight. Any suggestion will be great thanks.


There are a couple of things that may be happening. First, if your lights are

short lived, that sounds like your voltage regulator circuit isn't working.

As for it dying, well, that could be fuel or ignition related. Have you checked

the spark when this happens? Do you smell fuel at the exhaust?

I haven't had a chance to see the schematic for the ignition module but

it may have over-voltage protection. So, if your bike's VR isn't working

it could be shutting it down. I don't think that this is a likely condition

but it is something to ponder.

Anyway, first determine if it's electrical or fuel related. Once that's determined, you at least know where to start looking.


Bob East

or you hit the rev-limiter, what is your gearing setup?



48 rear

The regulator isnt working properly. If the regulator gets hot and fails it'll blow the headlights and tail lights instantly at anything over an idle. The voltage will go from 13 to 75 or 80 and its over. But that shouldn't kill the engine, I wouldnt think. :applause:

But Im not sure how the ignition is setup with the charging circuit on those dual sport kits...


That's why I want to see the schematic for the electrical system.

Then, it will be easy to trace where power is supplied to the ignition.

I doubt it's a ignition module problem because he says it stalls at

idle. I'm more inclined to think it's a fuel problem. Do these bikes

have fuel filters? I've seen bikes get fuel tanks full of gunk from

allowing the gas to go stale. It can starve the engine at high power

levels by choking off the fuel pick-up. However, that wouldn't explain

the stopping when idling. It's an interesting problem.


Bob East

On an XR600 If you wind the stator you need a rectifier to run to your headlight and tail lights, unless you have the full dual sport kit with a battery.

The shut down should be unrelated, short of siezing, definately sounds fuel related. If wiring look at pulse coil, stator wires where they pass thru engine case, or kill switch wires or other wires (under seat, tank) grounding out acting as a kill switch

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