1999 wr400

A mate of my has a wr400 which is a pain to start when cold. It will fire on choke for a few seconds and then stop, and then fire it up again it will do the same thing. And by the third attempt it will run ok if your gentle with the throttle, if your not it just pops and stops any ideas?. As this only happens when cold ,the rest of the day it runs fine with no bogging or sputtering.

Ive done a search and i cant find anything really usefull.

Has the bike been sitting long?

What's been done to the Carburetor?

Has the bike been sitting long?

What's been done to the Carburetor?

The bike only really gets used on sundays ,and it gets fired up atleast once during the week.

The carb hasnt been touched as far as im aware.

The way to keep this from happening is to give the throttle a twist before the first kick. This is normal. My '99 does the same thing after it has sat for a week or two.

BTW. Is having to kick it three times after the bike has completely cooled really a pain?

What i meant to say was it can take up 15 kicks each time to gett it going over three peroids of it cutting out . If that makes sense.

Sorry, I missed the part where you said it only happens when it's cold.... I don't think you have a problem.... :applause:

Sounds like the start jet is the wrong size for your location. The state of "Other" requires wacky jetting, from what I've read.

whats the go?

each time i click on that link, i end up back here.

it's like bloody groundhog day.

try a bigger pilot or preferably bigger starter jet

i must say i have a 99 400, and usually after a few kicks it will start and idle with choke

but it has had the symptons you describe

i think its pretty normal

I bought an '00 WR400 from a buddy and I had to learn a brand new cold starting drill, the drill I have used for years on XRs didn't cut it. It took 2 sessions on two separate mornings, but here's what works for me: Pull out the choke, pull in the decompressor, push the kick lever just past TC on the compression stroke, give the throttle 3-4 blips, return throttle to idle position, then give it a King Kong boot. This procedure allows me to cold start in 1-2 kicks. I have experimented with setting the idle screw up before starting, but it does not seem to make any difference. Another Yamaha-riding friend suggested to install a larger starting jet, but so far this has not been necessary.

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