426 wont start

I have a 2000 426. It sat for several months. Took it for a ride last week was hard to start. When I got it started I had to make a bunch of adjustments to the idle screw.

Decided to check valves. One Exhust valve I had to go from a 186 to 170 shim to get it in spec. The rest were good.

Still won't start. Replaced plug, decided to turn the idle adj. seems it was all the way in (fast idle). I turned it out about 9 full turns. Bike almost started but won't idle.

Anybody know where I should start with the idle adj screw (turns in or out) can' adj the idle if it wont run.

What would the steps be to clean the carb?



If it sat with gas in it, the gas should be drained and the carb pulled and cleaned.

1. Remove the pilot and main jet and blow them out well. Make sure you can see light through them.

2. Check your float level for correct height.

3. Clean the rest of the carb with some carb or contact cleaner. Blow air through all orifices, reassemble and install.

4. Reset idle screw to original position.

5. Set your fuel screw to 2 1/2 turns out to start with.

6. Turn gas on.

7. Kick with out hand on throttle.

It should fire after several kicks. After you get it started, you may need to readjust the idle and fuel screw.

Where would the orginal position be for the idle screw?


Do a compression leakdown test.

Consult your manual.

Where would the orginal position be for the idle screw?


Not real sure, but don't be to concerned with that right now. Once you get it started you can adjust it to where you want it.

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