Follow-up to old post concerning plug fouling.

This is in reference to an earlier thread titled "I have a theory on all this plug fouling..." I believe with the new forum name we are not allowed to post a reply to an old forum thread.

James Dean- I finally got around to measuring and comparing per your advice the "DVP" and "DRS". The DVP is indeed 2 clips leaner than the DRS (Checked per your advised method). The only discepancy found was in the straight portion of both needles...I was measuring .1125 compared to your .1077 nominal. This .005 does seem a little excessive. I would think that the producer of the needle would be working with tighter tolerances than that. Anyway my measurement would indicate a needle that is on the lean side for what it is marked...just the opposite of what my black sooty plugs would indicate. My next areas to check will be the fuel pump and then the CDI. Thanks for all the help...the investigation continues...


2000 Yamaha WR400F

1988 Honda NT650 Hawk

1977 Suzuki RM250B

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