Overheating & No Start?

My brother's picked up a new '04 XR650R a few weeks ago and rode it last weekend. He was blipping around the campsite and never really got on it, never getting it out of 2nd gear for about 30 minutes. The coolant tank started bubling and coolant was pouring out of the right side of the bike. Then, it refused to start.

Any hints? He was told that bike "can't" be ridden slow by the dealer.


That dealer has their head up their poop chute. The bike needs to be uncorked. i.e. better breather/jetting to alleviate the lean symptoms your brother is experiencing. Do a search on here for "uncorking", make sure it reads for the 650R and you'll be golden. Tons of info on it.

Start with the basics fuel and spark and valve adj. The stock thermostats most of the time fail open . The jetting is lean from the factory. Most guys run a high pressure cap. This is what I did, removed stock stat and replaced with summers stat, ex. header wrap, and used engine ice . I bought a high pressure cap but didn't need it. I don't like the extra pressure and my bike doesn't boil at all. I have white bros E exhaust . My jetting is a 68s pilot and 175 main. I've ridden the bike very slow for long periods without a problem. I've owned a couple of 650r's and this combination works well. I would change the stat, use engine ice and correct jetting. I bet the overheating stops. That is if nothing is mech. wrong with the engine (I really doubt it) . I live in Ca. and would be happy to help if you live in the area. I just did 270 miles through the desert with my 8 year old on the back ( baja designs footpegs) . Tight deep sand washes, and the bike worked perfect. I live in Phelan , just let me know if you need any help.

Thumper Talk is a great tool!

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