1999 XR600R valve clearance

I have searched the forum and found .004 intake and .005 exhaust. Is that universal for all 600's? the forum didn't say what year these clearances were for, so just wondering if these are correct for a 1999 xr600r. thanks

those are correct for all years xr600r and the 650L

Thanks! I did have a hard time with getting the feeler gauges in the small hole. I do have a question about the decompression lever! the decompression shaft comes onto the valve to hold it open (right?) i was able to get it to dis-engage (the pin turns sideways off the valve) and then i noticed that valve was adjusted the same as the other three, or so it looked by the threads and nut location. well i went to slide the feeler gauge in and it wouldn't go, so i had to back the adjust bolt out quite a bit to be able to get the feeler guage in. whats the deal? now one valve is adjusted totally different than the other!! could it have been over tightened in the past? help please!

nevermind, disregaurd the stupidty! i think the fumes are getting to me. or the beer. i went and turned it over a couple times, and now it is wayy to loose, so i have tightened it back to what it should be. duh

You have just learned the "auto decompressor was activated and I screwed up the valve adjustment" lesson. As you found out, turning the engine over slowly a few times will allow the auto decompressor to deactivate. :applause:

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