New To Forum, Need Advice

I have a 2001 WR426 set to YZ timing. I am looking for recommendations for an exhaust system. I mainly do trail riding at sea level or up to 1500 feet elevation. I am looking for more bottom end and mid range response. Any suggestions?

I had a Yoshimura RS-3 slip on and it had great bottom end and mid range pull. It was loud and it fell a part in 2 years of use. I know have a FMF power bomb header and Titanium muffler (14 inch). It pulls mainly mid to top end, but its not as loud and seems to be good quality. Its actually pretty hard to beat the stock system for bottom to mid, maybe a Boyesen quick shot would be more of what your looking for. It will definitely boost the bottom end.

Thanks I will give that a try

Go stealth....FMF "Q".....94db's.......lots of low end. Why attract attention. :applause:

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