call me crazy

but i just tried a dunlop 952 the "value" priced front tire on my 650R and i like it way better than a 742F.

it seems to have more sidewall than the 742F and even running 17 lbs of pressure it still had plenty of grip and didn't slide out.

has anyone else discovered this little gem?

i'm going to ditch the 742f and run a 952 front on my 450x this weekend too, since the 450x seems to crave a stiffer front tire.

I wouldn't call any Dunlop tire cheap, in terms of price. I've been eyeing the 952's and waiting for a good review on them. Anyone try the rear tire? Any opinions?

i haven't tried the 952 rear. i stick with a 120 dunlop desert AT. i messed around with the kenda carlsbad and the maxxis IT and when the day is done i still prefer the desert AT.

i wouldn't mind mounting up a 952 on the 450x though. maybe i'll run 952s front and rear on the 450x this weekend.

I just threw a new set of 952's on my son's CRF250. He LOVES them! He was running a 742 front and a Maxxis IT on the rear. He tried them for the first time at OW this last weekend and raved about them.

Two Whips Up!

Thanks for posting ThunderChicken, I've been starting to try new tires again after a full summer on the Maxxis tires (IT, IT Desert, HT, etc) and have turned back to the Dunlops to try some new ones from them.

I've heard enough good about the 952's that I will try a set on the 650.

i now have the 952 on the front of the 650r and on the front of the 450x.

i'm going to stick with it for awhile. it's a great tire.

Nice, I'll give it a try soon(In the spring....uggghhh). Thanks!

I've run a few sets of the 952. Worked good-although i was surprised at how weak the core was--dont plan on riding them long with a flat...its not a 606.

Tried a race with them--chunked the rear bad.

My take is for play rides the 952 is a good value. Right there with the Kenda Carlsbad.

I am still digging the Maxxis Desert IT. Great wear, good price, solid core, good hook up.

MikeKay, how do you like the desert IT compared to the regular Maxxis IT. I have a spare IT but once I go through it I am thinking of trying the Desert IT. What are your thoughts.


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