426 pros and cons?????

Hello, i have a 2001 KTM 125sx and a guy wants to trade his 2000 YZ426 for it. I dont know a whole lot about the 426's and i just wanted to know if i would be loosing anything in this trade. He says the bike just got a new crank and top end, and it runs really good. Does anybody know some pro's and con's on the 2000 426's? Do you think this would be a smart trade, or should i go for something a little newer? (my KTM is a really nice bike and runs really good)

you will have way more power with the 426 i would do it but i am a four stroke guy. The only downside to the 426 is the starting of it if it does not have a 450 ex. cam and the weight other than that they are killer bikes considering they are 5 years old. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 426 and your 125 are not worth a whole lot on the market right now. Probably about the same assuming both bikes being in equal condition. As far as the 426 being right for you, I would try to ride it first. The 00' 426 had a weak front brake and had questionable cluch durability. I have a 00' 426 and its a great bike, just not quite up to par with the current crop of 450s...your KTM however is still very competitive in it's class. Just my 2pesos.

Yea my ktm is a great bike, but i need a little more power, and i rode my friends 426 and it was pretty nice. His is a 2001 i believe. The guy said that he had the auto decom. cam on the bike so starting it isnt really a big issue. Im also looking at 250 f's and 250 2-strokes. Any more suggestions would be really great. Thanks


I have had an'02 YZ 426 since May 2002 and I have loved every minute of having it. I'd say it depends on what you want to do with your bike. A 426 is heavy against the current 450 bikes. Your KTM is pretty light and for its size powerful.

The 450DCM is a plus, I did it in summer 2003 and I have never regretted doing this mod. Mine is pretty well decked out for eastern MX, you can check my garage, I will not take up bandwidth doing the list. Ride both again in the setting you will use them and look the 426 over carefully. Valves and clutch will be your primary replacement issues. Good Luck.


I've had an '01 426 since Nov. of '03. It's been a fantastic bike for me. Absolutely bullet proof and a great versatile motor. Like others have said,the '00 did have some minor clutch problems, but nothing serious. Otherwise the only negatives are the weight (which I never found to be a big issue) and the starting "ritual" and if you do the '03 cam mod you won't have the starting issue anymore. I'd say go for it. If your looking for more power the 426 will definately fit the bill. One thing, make sure the guy has been taking good care of it. If he's been slacking on maintenance it could get expensive for you.

i have an 01 426 and i absolutely love it it has tons of power and is overall a really nice bike but i am a prety big guy who needs the power if i weighed 140 pounds i might have a difernt opinion but i say do it they are really nice bikes

Cons: A bit heavy and the weight is a little higher to not turn quite as good as a newer 450

Pros: Everything Else about this bike is super solid.

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