Other than the owner's manual, is there a good site or thread about tuning the 03 WR 450's suspension?

I am 6'4" 220 lbs, so it's about time I actually set the bike up for me! I'm not interested in buying parts, etc. other than springs if I can get away with that. I don't ride all the time (unfortunately), I don't jump, etc. Mainly ride single track and Nevada desert, but not the Vegas to Reno run!

I have a 05 wr450 just put a new rear spring ( go to race tech web site )

I used a #6.0 set the sag allother settings in factory standard position.worked

fantastic now just need to tweak it.

I'm 6'3" 270#s can't belive the diff. Race Tech has charts that you fill in the blanks and it will show you what is stock and what you need probably a5.8.

good luck :applause:

Thanks for the info. I went to the website, and it says recommended is 5.68 kg/mm. Then, they list what they have available as 5.6 or 5.8. So, being almost right in the middle, do I opt for lower or higher?

Racetech suggested a 6.2 for me (6'4" - 265) and I got a 6.4. If anything, I would guess it is slightly on the soft side, but I like it. I have heard Racetech's calculator rates things a bit soft anyway.

Gotcha. Thanks

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