tire suggestion? '98 400, used mostly for trails...

I've needed a new back knobby on my 400 for some time now, just haven't gotten around to buying one. Not really sure what I should get. Seen plenty of suggestions for racing and whatnot, but I pretty much just ride trails and hit the sand dunes once or twice a year. This is my first dirtbike in many many years so I'm a little out of the game as far as info on tires goes. Anybody got a good suggestion for a rear tire for me? I'd much rather have more mileage than performance, I don't need the top-of-the-line stuff. :ride::applause:

Maybe a Maxxis. I like the Dunlop 952 and 756, but they both wear quicker than a Maxxis.

For the rear tire:

Maxxis IT

Lasts a long time, and has very good performance in just about anything.

For the front:

Dunlop 756. Some claim it doesn't last as long as the Dunlop 952, but I've had great success on trails (mainly hardpack and occasional mud) also works great on a MX track.

I've used this combo for awhile from the recommendations of other's on this site, and I really like it.

Maxxis IT, alright then thanks for the recommendation, I'll probably go ahead and go with that. My front tire was replaced right before I bought the bike, so that'll be good for a while, but that rear is shredded.

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