Making a WR look like a YZ

Well the seat, tank, and radiator fenders from a 02 YZ426 fit on a 02 WR426?

Yes, I believe they will as long as you change them all. I think to get the seat to fit, you have to change the tank. Then you have to use the YZ shrouds. At least thats the way mine is (04 450).

Why not just swap out the hd light with a number plate and put on the YZ rear fender? Then you'll have the range with the larger fuel tank....... thats what I did on my 450, looks great :applause: I run the tall foam and cover from GUTS so it gives you a flatter seat for a more aggressive riding position.

The 02 WR and YZ shrouds are the same. You will need to trim the rear fender a bit for the coolant tank but that is very simple. If you run the YZ tank you will need to run the YZ seat.

Over here our WR46’s came with the YZ tank and seat as standard. It’s a straight swap. The YZ rear mudguard also goes straight in with no messing.

Once you’ve removed the speedo/odo the number board is relatively straightforward, as the bottom of the board just pushes into the bottom yoke. The top will need a small bracket making, as the bolt hole is in a different place. Also, the brake line has different clips on the 426, which the number board needs to be trimmed round.

I didn’t bother making a bracket, and just fixed the board to the bracket for the headlight shroud on the right hand side with a thin zip-tie.

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