Renthal chains?

But that's what happens when someone has a superiority complex and a fan club of clowns to cheer him on. They tend to think eveything that passes through there skull is the only way things are.
You crossed the line with that remark. I am in disbelief that the Digilube company would allow someone to make those types of comments and continue to represent them. That has to be the best marketing strategy I have ever seen. Let's insult a whole bunch of influential people who are either engineers, business owners, purchasing agents, sourcing leaders, maintenance staff, saying they have a complex and calling them clowns. When it comes time to decide which product to buy for their needs, they will want to purchase from us because we have the king of insults representing our superior products.

You may know lubricant but you still have a lot to learn when it comes to making friends and influencing people.

dont now much about the fysics behind it, but to me it seems perfectly normal that a sprocket made out of a softer material than the chain will wear out much faster than the chain it self ... regardless what kind of care given the chain ...

(on a bike that is, with the dirt, uneven load put on the chain/sprockets and so on..)

gray and i don't see eye to eye all the time but we don't reduce ourselves to the levels you seem to ? why you wanna be like that jay? like ripntear stated;its just plain unprofessional :ride: grandma always said ' you get more with honey than you do with vinegar ' in your case, i would say that might pertain to future customers. even if you are right,i wouldn't do business with someone who has his head so far up his a$$; do you lube it with digilube first? :applause:

I know all ...
Yes, Jay...You told us already.

When you can conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner, we can talk.

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