Need Help With '01 clutch mod

I have a 2000 yz426f with a grabby clutch. I order the parts per cowboyona426 and installed accordingly. There is way too much play in the cable and I can not adjust it out. Did I do something wrong. I've check the sevice manual for a 2001 and everything seems to be put together right. I have a total of 9 friction plates, is that right? Do I just need a new cable or do I need to get the 01 clutch arm. Please help me out I really need this mod to work (I sick of stalling it trying to take off from a dead stop) :applause:

I assumed you adjusted both ends of the clutch cable.

You may want to start with a new clutch cable from the 02 bike. Never hurts, keep the old one for spares. Or you cut cut and solder the end shorter if you have the means to.

Otherwise yes get the 01 clutch arm. I remember when I did this mod, I had a new cable and ASV properch setup. It was adjusted all the way out at the case, and about half through the adjustment at the lever.

I've got the perch adjusted all the way out and the adjustment at the bottom all the way out. When I pull the clutch lever in it just mashes the little rubber boot between the end of the cable and the lever arm. I'm thinking about getting the 01 lever arm and a new cable but now it seems like I'm just throwing parts at it. Hope someones got the answer or something works.

It sounds to me like you may have used the wrong push rod. If I remember correctly, the 01 push rod is shorter. It's been a while and I could be wrong, but if you didn't buy the push rod, it may be your problem.

I got the right push rod in and the ball. I just ordered the 01 lever arm so I'll see if that works.

I just did some research on the 2000 yz thru 2005 clutch. It looks like the only years to have the seat plate and the clutch boss spring are the 2001 and 2002. From 2001 on they all have the ball bearing for the push rod assembly. I'am going to remove the 01 clutch parts except for the push rod assembly and see if this works. If this does work I'll call it the (SKYBRY clutch mod for the 2000 yz grabby clutch) and maybe I'll be famous on Thumper Talk.

I still need someone's experience with updating my clutch to a 2001. So far the only way I could get the clutch to work is to remove one steel plate and one friction plate. So now I have a total of 8 friction plates but the 2001 service manual says I should have 9. If you think about the assembly of the clutch you are adding the seat plate and the clutch boss spring that equals about the thickness of a friction plate. The clutch pull feels like a 125 and I'am not sure thats a good thing. What part of this puzzle am I missing?

Just an update on my progress. I got the clutch working and I'am so pumped on my new 2000 yz426.

Come to fiind out that the friction plate I ordered from Yamaha of Troy came in the right bag but the wrong friction plate was in it. The correct friction plate has a 128mm hole in it all the others are 119mm. Luckly I found the right plate three towns away in stock. So I got it all installed plus while I was at the shop I got the 2001 carb needle. Needless to say I put it all together and took it for a spin, all I can say is, my bike is sweeeeeeeeeet. Thanks to everyone at TT for their help.

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