It appears the XR650R and XR650L are dead

There are now Korean cars being ranked above Toyotas in their class.

Data please? I think its possible, but in all my reading i have seen no stats to

backup this assertion.

Profit margins aren't very big on a 6k dirt bike and the market shrinks with the open riding land. At some point they will stop putting money into developing new models.

Not to be ugly, but having worked in development groups, you're just talking about "departments" that happen to be located a lotta miles apart. Design work is not terribly expensive, person-by-person. The designers of motorcycles could live in the USA, Canada, or Somalia or Sudan. It doesn't matter. Computers, software, and Ace engineers. The rest is moving toward "3rd world de jour"


starting up the engine the ole fashioned way, the way God intended bikes to be started... :thumbsup:

i agree totally, although the e-button is handy for women :thumbsup:

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