does the new 06 wr computer have an odometer?

just wondering if the new 06 wr computer has a odometer?

and what else can it do?

i would like to replace my trail tech computer on my street legal 01 wr due to it being to unreliable.


its got everything on it.make sure to get a manual to theres tons of features.

not sutre if id pay the 300 something for it though.pretty pricey but its durable as hell.needs a power source though,its a 3 plug unit.

The new computer has enough features to warm the heart of a rocket scientist. I would not however, pay that kind of money when a Trail Tech has all of the features that you will require on the trail --- unless money is no object. And, yes it does have an odometer. In fact, it has two odometer functions in "trail ride" mode and another odometer function in "race" mode. As well as a whole lot of other functions that I haven't yet figured out. I've owned both now, save your money and buy Trail Tech.

If you buy the TrailTech, just remember to remove it when you wash your bike, also when it rains or if you have the sniffles. They are allergic to water. I had three of them. the first two went T.U. because of moisture and the third one didn't get a chance to. I sold it here on TT just as soon as I got it from Trail Tech. I use a speedometer from a 2001 Yamaha XT 350. I have over 4000 miles on it in rain, sunshine, more rain, wind, more rain,snow, and still MORE rain (I live in Oregon) and it works well just like the rest of the bike.Oh, by the way it is simple old analog technolgy, runs on the stock odometer drive. I just had to invent my own mount. :applause:


The Trail Tech is just a glorified bicycle comp. A real speedo/odo, such as the WRs is built for the pounding dirt bikes take, I'm currently on my 3rd Trail Tech...the 1st was broken in half by a branch, I think. The 2nd just died. 1st was in warranty and replaced free, 2nd cost me $30, Trail Tech's replacement was out of warranty. I am currently considering getting the 06 part, or an ICO comp.

Trail Tech does have good customer service...I just don't want to have to use it again!


There is an ICO unit on ebay right now if you are interested.(not mine) :applause:


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