Keihin FCR on XR628R

I am styrongly considering putting one of these carbs on my 2000 model XR628.

I have searched and read a few comments - some good and some bad.

Is there any definitive viewpoint on these carbs? I thought they were supposd to be awesome but some of the comments seem average.

Also does it matter if you get the FCR MX version with TPS even though TPC cannot be rigged up or should I just try to find one that has choke and ACV but no TPS?

If anyone has put one on their 628 I'd like to hear from you as to your thoughts.

Don't know about the FCR, but I had an Edelbrock on my '98 XR628, low and midrange grunt was astounding.

I love my FCR

Go for it and you don't get the tps


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