Need a tire recommendation

I have a stock (uncorked) BRP.

It's running on the stock Dunlops (k490 front and k695 rear, 110/100 rear)

It sucks in the sand.

I'm going to put on a D756 front tire (the spikey one) and I'm undecided on the rear.

My terrain is mostly hard pack and sand, California Desert terrain.

I was thinking a 120/100 rear, but don't want to rip off the mud guard.

Is there something that will hold up to 500 mile of off road use? (5 rides)

My K695 is pretty much 1/2 worn at 2 rides (120 miles). The front is looking new, but washes out a little too easily for me in the sand (ok, it sucks)

Also, the 110 K695 rear can't get decent traction in the sand, probably because it's so narrow.

Any ideas for the rear?


I've run a couple of fronts I found to be really stable; Pirelli MT 18, Dunlop 742, and Maxxis IT & Desert IT.

The rear tires that work well in the desert are the Dunlop 606, 739 Desert AT, Michlin Baja, and Maxxis Desert IT. The D739 is the weapon of choice for hook up. I've run D606's for years on all of my bikes. A great comprimise of traction and wear. A friend uses the Michlin Baja and likes them. The Maxxis IT wears like Iron. We did the Baja 500 on a single tire and it looked great at the end. I think they are too hard and don't hook up that well. For trail riding, they would be OK.

I've been running a D952 up front and a rear 739 Desert AT on the 650.

The D952 on the front seems to be a stiffer tire and not as flexy as the D742F. I feel it tracks the same and does not dive. So, in my opinion the 952 offers the same performance as the D742F and gets better wear.

I also have a theory that I won't trash as many rims with the D952 since it "feels" stiffer and also allows me to run the same air volume that I did with the D742F without comprimising traction. I think that part of the reason why I destroy the amount of rims that I do is due to the flexyness of the D742F.

As far as a fat tire on the rear that hooks up you can't be the 739 Desert AT. I run a 120 and have tried the rest and still stick with the 739.

However, if I was purely trail riding and not looking to get the most performance, I would run the Maxxis Desert IT or the Kenda Carlsbad on the rear. Both tires seem to hook up decent with, IMO, the Maxxis wearing a little longer.

I have to agree with you on the maxxis wearing like iron, I have the second one on the rear and will put a third on this winter!

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