450's made it to TX....just picked mine up!!

Saturday and Sunday. Prolly hit Cross Creek both days, might even race it Sunday, not sure yet. If plans change will hit VP Sunday. Look me up, take it for a spin.


Is there any way I could talk you into going next Sat. Dec. 10th? It's my birthday and me and FMX ZAK are going to head out there and celebrate MX style. Another TT member may go as well. You should try. The more the merrier. :thumbsup:You should come too Hp2it. Hell.....everybody in Texas go if you can.

Wyatt....congratulations on your new bike! You gotta meet us a Splendora sometime....I am trying to go in the next few months.

The motorcycle dealers are one step above....no I take that back...they are used car salesmen. When I bought my 05 YZ250 I had prices from $6900-$7500 OTD (guess because it was a "new" frame LMAO).

Bought it online for $5200 delivered.....in the crate :applause: That way you can grease and assemble it with the parts your want (tires, bars etc)


I'll be 20 by the way, in case you were curious. Sorry for thread-jacking, but it seemed like good placement for an invite.

How do those 450's look coming out of the crate???

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