Where to get Hurricane Plastics?

I'm in the US, and I want to buy a complete Hurricane (Yellow style) plastics/graphics kit for my 1999 YZ250, or if not that then for a 2001 YZ426. Where can I find a retailer online or off (In Southern California) that stocks these plastics?

Nope, I can't find them at thumpertalk or the other site. I'm looking for the plastics for a 99 YZ250, they only have 02 and up, and only 05/06 for the 426/450s. Bah, if I can't find them I guess i'll just get the Vforce 3's instead, would probably make more sense :applause:

Edit: WAIT, they have them for the 426, but the 250 is the one that really needs the new graphics, plus I ride the 250 more often. Crap, if someone can find me the graphics for a 99 YZ250, I'd love them for life.

Well, i was looking for the kit myself and so far found them at www.btosports.com and www.mxsouth.com

btosports is $185 free shipping.

mxsouth is $162 not sure if there is free shipping though.

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