YZ 250(2-stroke) or YZ 450 for HS?

I am going to get serious about racing next year( I don't know how many I have left) and I am torn between the advantages of the YZ 250(2str) and the YZ 450.

I think the weight issue is even once you add the bigger tank on the 250 to get the same range as the 450, but easy restarting is a big plus in the 250 column.

Extra dollars on the 250 include bigger tank, Gnarly pipe, flywheel weights, and SA= $600 extra on the $5600

The 06 450 seems like the ultimate HS weapon with minimum extra dollars.

People have said that switching between 2 strokes and 4 strokes is tough.

Any thoughts?

If its any help the AmPro Yamaha guys run the yz250 for gncc and the yz450 on the worcs and mixed track scramble stuff.

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