Black plastic on the YZ

Has anyone replaced all or part of their YZ plastics with black, and have a picture. I munched my rear fender last wk/nd and just ordered an Arcerbis replacement but in black. Now I'm thinking the whole bike (or at least both the fenders) would look pretty cool that way. Then the bike would be black and blue which is exactly the color of my shoulder after that little incident on Saturday.

See my garage for my '05 WR with XGX graphics.

I wanted to go to black side plates too, but the left side is going to take some serious work, so I may just go with black backgrounds.

See my garage... 04 YZF450 with different XGXgrahics. Rear fender is cut because of fender creasing wipeout :applause:

see my garage to .. pretty black, but graphics .... i´m going back to blue, i think i looks bad without a black tank ....

Put the fender on today, even managed to save the 426 stickers. I like it!fnder005.jpg

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