GA426OWNER Motocrosser or Speedway rider ?

Our Hero.....AIRBORNE Sir!


HEY! Where dat 426 go anyway?


Lookin like a speedway racer to me.....

David was actually smokin the field like a cheap cigar...... :)

Yamakaze...NICE suspension travel in the 2nd photo! luv the pics! bobwombat

Great pic's Bill!

Nice landing there Capt Dave :) sorry I missed the ride but I was fishing I hope to catch up with you and Bill this weekend. I'm working on my forks right now and I hope it come out ok.

Keep on flying the frindly sky's you guy's!!!


Guys, that landing & almost every landing in the 2 moto's last weekend tore me up. My forks are off and at MXTUNER's shop for diagnosis. I believe both .47 fork springs are broken or the infamous "MIDVALVE ISSUE" has plagued me. This bike never landed or handled this way before & during that day the forks got progressively worse. I also am exchanging the steering head bearings/races for new as my steering feels like swiss cheese with the forks off. YamaCasi - nice pics thanks for the effort, Next time hopefully my suspension won't look like a dirt tracker from 1972. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GA, it might help if you make it to the down side of that tabletop. Doh! :)

Scott F, it would have been a better jump, if it had a down hill side to absorb the impact. Unfortunately it was a very steep Step Up jump with flat landing zone, about 80-90ft long

With the bottoming cones, you won't even feel it. I'm telling you, they are wrist savers.

ScottF who has these for sale???

You can get them from Tuner can install them.

Just kiddin' ya bro. I couldn't see the takeoff and thought it was a table.

Yeah, flat landings always suck. I wish track builders would take this into account a little more when designing jumps.

ScottF, no problem. That landing sure hurt like hell, every single lap.

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