Header Pipe

I dented up my header pipe real bad on my 04wr450f. I thought since everyone puts on new exhaust systems ebay and/or the classified section on this sight would be filled with my part. This is not the case, so, does anyone have the header pipe for sale on a 03 - 05 wr450f or 03 - 05 yz450f

There are two things you can try, and you'll find more about this problem by searching on the subject.

One is to cork up the ends of the header, with the plug on one end having a small hole in it. Heat the dented area and apply air pressure (carefully) to the pipe to "re-inflate" it.

Another even cuter method involves much simpler equipment. Plug the header and fill it about 1/2 to 2/3 full of water. Set it in your freezer in such a position that the dented spot is filled with water and let it freeze. The water will expand as it freezes and push the dent at least part way out. If it doesn't do the whole job the first time, repeat as needed.

well if the water doesnt solve your issue...

i have a header pipe with absolutly no dents or anything... i purchased a full GYT-R titanium system so this stock piece isnt required

email me at


make me an reasonable offer and it shouldnt be refused


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