Powder Coating or Anodizing

Which of the 2 coatings would you recommend for spokes, I am planning on getting a black set or rear spokes but don't want to spend 250 bucks (the only price I found doing extensive searching) so I plan on getting them coated myself.

Powercoated or Anodized, and what are the good and bad aspects of the 2? :applause::ride:

Powder coating is a no-go. When the spokes flex it would crack, plus with the added diameter of the PC you probably wouldn't be able to get the spokes back through the holes on the hub, & even if you could, you wouldn't be able to have any PC on the threaded part of the spokes (which would show at the ends of some of them), or you wouldn't be able to get the nipples on them. Annodozing only works on aluminum as far as I know, so I don't think that's an option either. I know that they can obviously do colored spokes, as we've all seen them, though I'm not sure what the process involves.

I would spend my money on something useful that will improve the ride like a stabilizer, suspension ect. If you want to do it the best bet would be to sell your current rims/ spokes and use that money to buy what you want.

Are black spokes really gonna set me back 250 plus dollars, last time I checked the stabilizer was about 300.

Yes, but newly colored spoke won't save your ass.

finally something I know something about. Anodizing will work on steel as well as aluminum. It is an electo process that requires the subject metal to be able to pass an electrical charge. I have had many steel parts anodized when building custom cars and Bikes. Not all anodizers have all colors, the cheapest place to have work done is an industrial anodizer that uses gold and zinc most. they charge by the pound and for example a 5 gallon bucket of bolts cost me $25 for acid washing and gold anodizing. The custom colors I cant speak to. Hope this helps.

Sorry to burst your bubble motormouth,but anodize can only be done on aluminum. The gold silver or black you see on steel is most likely zinc plated with a chromate conversion which will produce the color. Anodize is achived by electrically pulling aluminum oxide to to the top surface and dying it with your color of choice.Electrplated steel will remain conductive while anodized aluminum will be nonconductive.


I stand corrected and dumber than ever. Sorry for the bad info. :applause:

you can always clean them, scuff em, and spray them with epoxy spray paint from home depot. The epoxy paint holds up like a champ, and it can be done after assembly.

That's ghetto Dude! I thought about doing that as well, and I know from ghetto!

Id like to have rear arm in black colour.

Since it is aluminum alloy it could be anodized.

Bul called the shop, they said it is not all alu, but has some other metals in the mix, so it is a no go.

He didnt yet see the arm to confirm this.

Anyone anodized their arm?

If it would prove to be a no go, which type of coloring is doable for it.

Would powder coating hold on efectively through mud, branches, stones, not falling off in patches?

Soon expect frame in black, also powder coated.

At least on my WR, there are steel heli-coil type inserts for the chan adjusters and bushings at the swing arm pivot and sock linkage pivots. I'm sure they could all be removed...buy why? Powder coating will work fine on aliminum. Just make sure they use a 250 degree cure powder, as the 350 or higher temp cure could start to anneal the aluminum.

Would powder coating rear shock spring hold up, since it vibrates constantly?

Also 'd like it in black.

That's a great idea. I hadn't thought about it, but after I rake out the front end 20-30 degrees and drop the rear 15", the anodizing would be perfect! Definately better performance.

Sorry, I had a moment. So is this a show bike? I have seen some really great examples at the NYC Bike show. I wouldn't want to mess it up in the dirt though.

Good luck!

I checked on the steel/no steel question and found this: http://www.anodizing.org/faqs.html

I googled around the web a bit and couldn't find anyone selling something like you mentioned. You may be an inovator! Definately post pics if you do it.

I dont really understand what you wanted to say.

Sorry. Too much coffee and doughnuts!

Finally got frame from paint and anodize shop. How will it prove?? dont know



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