Chain replacement

My original chain and sprockets need replacement. I bought new sprockets and a DID 520 X ring chain. The new chain is supposed to be riveted. Is it possible for me to just buy a master link and run it on this chain so I don't have to spend $$$ on a riveting tool? Will I sacrifice any strength? I don't want to end up stranded or experience engine case damage.


I have the same chain with a masterlink. No issues to date. Watch the master link for wear as it will rub the chain guide/guard underneath the swingarm. I change the c-clip out once a year for good measure. Is a riveted chain stronger, not necessarilly. Is the link that holds the chain together stronger, yes. Use the masterlink, you'll be fine. Get a kiwi case saver if case damage worries you.

Thanks for the info! I'll pick up a few master links on the way home tonight.

Make sure they're the right size. Get an X-ring master link! Better yet bring the one you have and match em' up.

does anyone even make a case saver for the 650L ?

Check out Xr's Only Happy, they might.

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