Tijuana Toy Run: Attn' SO CA plated bikes

Hey guys, the 20th annual toy run is coming up, and its a great event. If you have never been, try and make plans to attend. There about 4000-5000 bikes that ride down for the day to take toys to those much less fortunate than ourselves.

They stop all traffic during the entire ride down, and you spend the day checking out the sights of the event and flavor of authentic street tacos, as well as providing a huge smile and great gift to needy children.

I have been the last 4yrs on my CBR900rr, but now am looking forward to DualSporting it in style. It would be GREAT to get a group together for this run and represent TT and So Ca plated dirtbikes. The staging area is National City on Sunday Dec 11.

Heres a link to the event info, please PM me if you can make it down and we will all meet up to ride together....Its Truly a great cause, please make time to make a difference, and bring some money for the Donkey show...LOL



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