shopping for DrD AND works connection ...

Try Quality Smart on the internet. The owner's a TT'er as well. . .

Oh yeah, and if that don't work, go to BTO Sports. They ship international.

thanks for the answers ... <- Note: Motosport Outlet does not ship to locations outside the United States

cant find Works Connection at Quality Smart?

will try BTO sports!

edit: found it at BTO sports!

thanks for the tip!

I wanna buy the "hot start cable" from DrD, and the works connection "Pro perch with compression release" but because i live in Sweden i'd rather have them sent from the same place, due to the shiping costs ...

does anybody know an online store that sells both brands?

thanks in advance!

If you want to buy everything from the same place, try TT Store. They will be able to get you almost anything, and at good prices. I have tried with good success. They also offer affordable shipping costs.

i could'nt find any DrD stuff there ?!

perhaps all i need to do is send them a mail?

i have one of those "new member 10% off" coupons, so that would be best .... =)

Just e-mail them a list of goods you want with product numbers. I gave the links to the manufacturer/product too. Great service.

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