Boot Size vs Shift Lever

I don't Know what you guys would consider a big Boot, I wear a size 12. Any of you feel the need to move your shift lever ahead a little? And if you did, what boot size do you wear, and did it help? Just curious..........

On my YZ125, I moved it forward a little bit, I wear a size 13 Fly 805 boot. My YZ250 seemed to come at about the right size, same with my YZ426F.

I'm a size 15...and yeah it's a pain to shift....I move the shifter and it helps alot.

I'm a size 13 and my shifter is fine.

size 13, found that after doing the footpeg mod my 03 450 was way easier to shift.

Size 14, no problems, even with new boots (I used to ride in work boots). I found that the lip on the edge of the boot is enough to catch the shifter, no need to extend or raise it, IMO.

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